Social Anxiety Leading to Social Isolation

Social anxiety leading to social isolation is very real today. When someone suffers from a social anxiety disorder it often times causes them to withdraw from general society into social isolation. This is a very serious medical condition that when left untreated leads to depression and declining health. Social anxiety is something we’re learning more about every day.

All Walks of Life Suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder

This medical condition affects millions of people worldwide. When it comes to social anxiety disorders no one is safe. Social anxiety tends to affect the richest to the poorest. From those who have it all to those who have nothing at all social anxiety is very real. Sometimes the individuals that we would least suspect suffer from this medical condition.

Powerful speakers and motivational people in high-powered positions oftentimes face social anxiety. The fear of being judged by their peers ridiculed or making a mistake becomes very real. A lot of people end up speaking with their physician and or psychiatrist to end up with a regimen of psychotherapy and prescription medication to help control their anxiety.

While this approach works for some people others are wanting a more natural approach to helping heal their social anxiety disorder. Many people don’t realize they have a social anxiety disorder until it’s too late. Oftentimes social isolation becomes the deciding factor that sets off alarms for many people’s friends and family. When someone you know suddenly becomes withdrawn and does not participate in normal functions people will begin to worry.

When you don’t see this person and they become what we can see to be socially isolated the alarms go off. This is a sign that someone needs help. Help comes in the form of not only prescription drugs and therapists but also in the form of natural remedies. Healing crystals, meditation, soothing music, herbal remedies such as ginseng, kava, and even cannabis are also proving to help social anxiety disorder.

Avoiding Social Isolation

By determining if you actually have social anxiety disorder and working towards removing this condition from your life you can avoid becoming socially isolated. Social isolation is not good for any situation. Social isolation will not only affect you in your personal life but it will also affect life outside of your personal bubble. Friends, family members, co-workers, and loved ones will all suffer along with you if you have social anxiety and become socially isolated.

The best way to overcome social anxiety disorder is to avoid social isolation is to make it a point to find fun enjoyable functions to participate in. You don’t necessarily have to be the life of every party but just showing up to the party can be more fun than you might have imagined. Life is too short to live in fear of social anxiety disorder and cause you to go into social isolation.

Get out and live life. There are a lot of like-minded individuals that feel the way you do. Today it’s easier than ever before to connect with these individuals. There are groups on Facebook and other social media platforms that you can join to help express your feelings and find others who share the same feelings you do. Control the situation.  This is easier said than done for many individuals as realizing you have social anxiety is one of the hardest obstacles. Once you have realized that it is likely that you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder the next step is learning and understanding what you can do to find relief before social isolation becomes an issue.

The Dangers of Social Isolation

There are many dangers in living with Social Anxiety Disorder and becoming socially isolated. Not only will you not find enjoyment in or participate in activities you previously loved and probably excelled at, your performance at work is also likely to decline. This can lead to a whirlwind of other issues such as financial issues, relationship issues and more. When you become socially isolated it not only harms you, it also affects those around you who love and care about you.

Social isolation can also lead to depression which alone is a very serious and dangerous condition that can lead to abuse of various types, drug addictions, suicide and more. As you can see it is crucial that if you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder that you seek out effective treatment so that you do not become socially isolated. Luckily there is more understanding surrounding this topic and the available relief options today than ever before. Whether it is natural remedies, pharmaceuticals, therapy, meditation or a combination of them all, relief is out there. Seek out the relief that you need and deserve so that you don’t become the next victim of Social Anxiety Disorder leading to social isolation.