Overcoming Social Anxiety

Please note this is for fictional situation only, and in no way do we condone the growing of cannabis. Especially as in UK this is illegal. Please dont break the law and stay safe..

Overcoming social anxiety is easier said than done if you were to ask one of the many millions of individuals who live with this condition. Doctors and psychiatrists have been working together on ways to help those who have social anxiety. So far a combination of psychotherapy and medication prescribed by your doctor or psychiatrist has been the solution for many of those affected by social anxiety.

Commonly Xanax and Klonopin are prescribed in conjunction with weekly sometimes several times a week therapy sessions. The combination of these prescription drugs and therapy sessions with doctor visits becomes very costly for many individuals with or without insurance. People find themselves working second jobs just to pay for medications and treatments. Is this really the solution?

Cannabis and Anxiety

While doctors have had a good run with these dangerous prescription drugs that have been poisoning the lives of people for decades. Luckily that run appears to be coming to an end. Cannabis is making its way onto the green scene. This incredible plant has a miraculous amount of healing attributes that have been proven to work throughout time. Growing cannabis alone is extremely therapeutic.

Individuals who suffer from social anxiety find that growing cannabis helps to give them something to focus their mind on that is rewarding. Not only are they nurturing a plant from seed to harvest but they are also growing their own medicine. The amount of passion and pride that is placed into the growing process shows in the end. This process becomes something that many people who suffer from social anxiety crave.

Growing Cannabis from Seeds

They also found the process of growing cannabis opens doors to a community of like-minded individuals. Perhaps it’s not them that has social anxiety it’s the fact that the rest of the world is too hyper and fast paced. Many times when medical professionals are diagnosed that potentially has social anxiety they are doing on their scale. What if your anxiety wasn’t anxiety? What if it was just an annoying feeling because of the fast paced hyper people that you don’t necessarily dislike but would rather not be around?

This is where individuals in the cannabis and CBD culture and community find their tribe. Cannabis provides a chilled laid-back vibe. Many people throughout the cannabis culture are familiar with the phrase your vibe attracts your tribe. With that in mind, you can see the green-minded tribe and chill vibe the cannabis industry invites. The cannabis culture and community is not all about tie-dyed posters and rock and roll concerts (though we don’t mind either of the two). There’s a large professional portion that is motivated and driven that make up the cannabis community. A combination of industry-leading professionals, activists, patients and everyday people make up this immense tribe.

Growing cannabis, collecting cannabis seeds UK, and consuming cannabis are all effective ways to give the mind something else to do that is rewarding and beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. Social anxiety is proving to be helped when cannabinoids are introduced to the body. Every living mammal on the planet has what is called an endocannabinoid system. This system has receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors that are part of it located throughout the body. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Compound for Anxiety

When these receptors become saturated with cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and others effective two-way communication happens between nerves and cells. This helps to reduce inflammation and make natural body functions work more efficiently including the regulation of mental health. Cannabis isn’t just about smoking bowls or joints. There is a multitude of different ways to consume this incredible plant and reap the benefits that cannabinoids have to offer humankind. From topicals to edibles cannabis is helping the world go green while helping many people with the issue of overcoming social anxiety, especially if you are using cannabis derrivatives such as CBD Isolate powder from UK manufacturers.

The vibe this tribe provides is helping many people when it comes to overcoming social anxiety. Many poeple are also turning to CBD Edibles, to over come anxiety issues aulthough things such as CBD Gummies do not give you a high, but may help you relax. Overcoming social anxiety is possible. Just because you have lived with this condition for some time or even if you had just developed it, it doesn’t mean that you have to continue to live with it.

CBD and Vaping

Beyond traditional forms of treatment such as therapy combined with deadly and dangerous prescription drugs, there are natural alternatives such as cannabis that are working for tens of thousands of people around the world, there is even safe cbd vape juice. This contains no THC but does relax you significantly. Cannabis is not something that is just working for one set of people in one area it is something that is working globally showing that it has significant value in helping those looking to overcome social anxiety.

The combination of a daily cannabis regimen (can be supplemented with legal CBD oils) and relaxation techniques such as meditation and listening to chill music can help many individuals to find the relief they are after.

If therapy and pharmaceuticals do not work or you simply want to utilize a natural and safer alternative perhaps cannabis is just what you need to overcome social anxiety.