Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has significantly grown in popularity over the last decade. The global CBD market today is a multi-billion one with no signs of slowing down. The market has grown substantially as many people are finding notable relief from using CBD for a wide range of health conditions and ailments. Among those is stress. In this article, we will look at five tips and steps for using CBD for stress; however, first, let’s take a quick look at what CBD is and how it works to relieve stress, according to research.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is one of over 100 cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. This non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid is being embraced by millions of consumers around the world as it offers a therapeutic option for a wide variety of ailments and conditions with little to no adverse side effects.

How Does CBD Relieve Stress?

CBD has been shown through research to reduce stress. In one study published in 2021, stress was within the top 4 reasons reported for utilizing CBD. While older participants in the study were more likely to utilize CBD for pain, overall, the majority of participants reported CBD being an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, and sleep conditions such as insomnia.

Additionally,  CBD has been shown to be beneficial for those with a severe form of stress known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Research surrounding orally administrated CBD for PTSD shows that this cannabinoid, when used in combination with routine psychiatric care, resulted in a reduction of PTSD symptoms and severity in adults. CBD was also shown to offer relief for patients that reported frequent nightmares as one of the more prevalent symptoms in which they endured.

Are Vape Pens a Good Choice for Using CBD for Stress Relief?

There are many products on the market today that consumers can utilize to obtain their daily regimen of CBD. These include CBD oils, CBD edibles such as CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD concentrates, CBD topical products, CBD vape pens, and much more. When it comes to utilizing CBD for stress relief, CBD vape pens are a great choice for many. Vape pens offer a quick way to absorb CBD through inhalation. The inhalation of CBD has been shown to offer one of the quickest onsets of effects meaning quicker stress relief, more on that below! Now that you’re more familiar with how CBD works to relieve stress and why CBD vape pens are a great choice let’s look at five ways to help you utilize CBD vape pens most efficiently for stress relief.

1- Use a CBD Vape Pens You are Familiar With

Trying to use a new device or a device you aren’t comfortable using when you are stressed isn’t a good idea. If you are new to vaping CBD, it is highly advisable that you start with a disposable vape pen that is ready to go when you need it most. There are several disposable CBD vape pens options on the market today, many of which never even require you to recharge them!

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2- Find the Right Strength of CBD For You

For some, a single puff from a 100mg CBD vape pen cartridge may provide stress relief. For others, however, it may take several puffs of a 3000mg vape cartridge for adequate relief to be found. For this reason, it is important for you to find the right CBD strength for your specific needs. Luckily, CBD vape oil can be found in a wide variety of different strengths, and with various tastebud, tantalizing flavours, finding the perfect vape oil can be quite a delicious adventure!

3- Why Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil May be the Better Choice

When it comes to CBD products, you can find CBD vape oils, CBD oils, and CBD edibles along with other products in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate-based forms. Full-spectrum CBD products such as full-spectrum CBD vape oil may offer more benefits for stress relief in comparison to CBD vape oil made with isolate. This is because full-spectrum CBD products contain a wide range of cannabinoids, not just CBD, along with valuable terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients. If you have tried CBD pens in UK with no success, perhaps a full spectrum CBD vape oil may offer more potent effects!

4- Always Keep Your Device Handy, Charged, and Filled with CBD Vape Juice

Nothing is worse than being stressed out and trying to find relief, only to become even more stressed out when you discover you are out of CBD vape oil or your CBD vape pen battery is not sufficiently charged. For this reason, it is important to always stay stocked up on all your CBD vape needs and if you are using a rechargeable device, keep it charged at all times.

5- Try Vaping CBD Before the Stress Sets In

Most of us know what the triggers in our lives are and when we may encounter stressful situations. Unfortunately for many, it is more often than not. However, being vigilant of these triggers and anticipating them ahead of time could prove beneficial. In this case, CBD vape pens can be utilized before one becomes stressed rather than after the fact.

Why is Vaping CBD Best for Reducing Stress?

Vaping and smoking, aka inhalation methods of consumption, have shown to offer the quickest onset of benefits. This means that you feel the effects of CBD much quicker than you would with other methods such as ingesting CBD. This is vital for putting stress at bay as quickly as possible and why vaping CBD is a consumer favourite for reducing stress, anxiety, and many other ailments.

Whether it is CBD vape oil, CBD gummies, CBD vape pens, or CBD oil UK consumers are embracing this phytocannabinoid for all of its benefits, including its effectiveness in relieving stress. In today’s CBD market, there are many options for utilizing CBD for stress, with new applications such as inhalers evolving each year to offer higher bioavailability, faster onset of effects, longer duration of benefits, and more that will drastically benefit those that utilize CBD.