Social Anxiety Causes

Social anxiety causes vary around the world. Different regions have different levels and types of social anxiety. There are many different factors that come into determining social anxiety causes. While nobody knows for certain what actually causes social anxiety we do know that it is very real and does exist. Social anxiety disorders affect millions of people globally. The worst part is, social anxiety disorder can come out of nowhere. Many people who suffer from social anxiety start to experience symptoms around the age of 13. Social anxiety disorders left untreated can lead to depression and worse. They can begin to take a toll on not only your mental health but your physical health as well. We’re going to take a look at some of the common causes that could be attributed to causing social anxiety disorder.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can obviously lead to a social anxiety disorder. When somebody is abused physically no matter if it’s at home, school, or work it will affect their emotional well-being. Oftentimes someone who is being bullied does not want to tell anyone about it due to embarrassment. This is a basic feeling of social anxiety. When you add pain, discomfort, and fear to that embarrassment you get a dangerous concoction of emotions.

Mental Abuse

Mental abuse is just as dangerous as physical abuse when it comes to the causes of social anxiety. When somebody suffers mental abuse at the hands of a friend, family member, loved one, or peer it can be detrimental to their mental health. This type of situation can lead to the individual avoiding social functions and contact which in return becomes a social anxiety disorder. By removing themselves from public activities the individual suffering with social anxiety disorder believes that they are eliminating the situation for potential embarrassment or mental anguish. In fact, the disassociation of communicating with people causes individuals suffering from mental abuse to create a safe world of their own that is oftentimes based upon fiction.


Genetics could also play a determining role with social anxiety. Researchers are looking into behavioral characteristics of inherited traits. Anxiety disorders seem to have the inherited trait of running in the family. Through genetic sequencing and regularly scheduled doctor visits, signs of social anxiety disorder can be spotted before becoming full-blown. Though research is pointing to the possibility of social anxiety disorder being genetic it has not been proven as of yet.


The environment that an individual lives in can also be the cause of social anxiety according to some researchers. This doesn’t mean that a person who lives in the city is more susceptible to social anxiety disorder than someone who lives in the country. For many different reasons, social anxiety can be triggered at many different times. It just makes more sense that someone who lives in a populated city would have a higher chance of contracting a social anxiety disorder than someone who lives in a less populated area. The more people you have to come in contact with when you have a social anxiety disorder typically the worse the episodes become.


Income proves to be another determining factor with social anxiety disorder.  That doesn’t mean that only those with low incomes are affected by social anxiety disorder. Individuals that make good money can also be affected by this condition. Social anxiety disorder is many different things. The fear of fitting in can affect somebody in a high-power position just as much as someone with a low-paying dead-end job.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a proven cause of social anxiety disorder. Someone who is a social butterfly that becomes addicted to any kind of drug can have a social anxiety disorder to accompany their drug addiction. They become withdrawn from family, friends, and loved ones and begin to lie about their lives in order to cover up their drug addiction. The drug abuse takes its toll on the body as well as the mental state from all the lies and deception. Drug abuse itself should be a social anxiety disorder. Many people turn to drugs in order to fit in. Fitting in and gaining acceptance give them the temporary feeling of relief.

Prescription Medication

Prescription medication that was legally prescribed to you by your doctor can also be the cause of social anxiety. The medications our doctors give us often come along with the side effects most of us don’t even read. When you take the time to look over the potential dangers of most prescription drugs the average consumer starts to look for natural alternatives. People have reached for a pill for everything in the past. Today we’re looking for the natural way to get back to living life.

Social anxiety affects millions of people and could be affecting you or someone you know. If this is the case be sure to let this person know that help is out there. Cannabis is proving to be very effective in helping those who suffer from social anxiety. The side effects from Cannabis are minimal compared to those of common prescription drugs for social anxiety such as Xanax or Klonopin. Talk with your doctor and find out if cannabis is the right thing for you or the person you know who is living with social anxiety. Knowledge is power and you now have power because you know some of the social anxiety causes.